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The Task Force for Veterans’ Entrepreneurship (formerly Task Force, now known as VET-Force) was organized in early 1999 to advocate for the development and passage of Public Law 106-50, the Veterans’ Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999, wherein Congress recognized the United States must provide additional assistance to veterans, particularly service-disabled veterans, with creating and expanding their own small businesses, thereby assisting them to “realize the American dream that they fought so hard to protect.”

Our Vision

VET-Force advocates for the support of America’s service disabled and other Veteran owned entrepreneurial enterprises, as one way for Veterans to provide economic security and prosperity for their families and for the communities they live in.

Our Values

VET-Force supports the following enduring values and ideas:

  • American entrepreneurship is the backbone of the US economy. Creative and dynamic economic development requires the individual rights and freedoms that veterans have fought to protect for over two centuries.
  • Manage Veteran owned businesses with honesty and integrity.
  • Whenever possible hire Veterans as contractors or employees Support and promote the efforts of younger Veterans to start and grow SMEs
  • Whenever possible, mentor younger Veterans in their efforts to compete for public and private sector contracting as provided for by PL 106-50
  • SME development is our free market system for a more equitable division of our country’s GDP